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From sunny and 70s California to icy New York City and the craziness that is New York Comic Con.

Green Ronin has a small booth at the con to fly the flag and get stuff like our M&M Beginner's Guide out in front of potential new superhero RPG players. I'm staying with [ profile] freeport_pirate and [ profile] iamnikchick at the New Yorker Hotel which is, as Nicole puts it, "old school" (in other words, small).

Yesterday (the first day of the con) was mostly made up of the "trade hours." The main hall opens at 10:00 AM, but only to people with professional badges: comic industry, media, publishing, etc. and the trade hours last for six hours until 4:00 PM, when the hall opens to the general public and stays open until 9:00. So it was a pretty slow first day, to say the least. Today the hall is open to the public all day from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM, which makes for a long day.

Of course, when the Ronin get together, we eat well. Everyone in the company likes a good meal, and Nicole has been tracking down restaurants on her Palm Pilot. Thursday night was vegetarian Chinese, while last night, in contrast was Brazilian barbeque (meat on swords!). Dunno about tonight yet, but tomorrow night (post-con) we're planning on going to this restaurant specializing in cheese. The amount of choice is almost embarassing, although getting reservations can be the tricky part.

When I talked to Christopher yesterday, it sounded like his experience at ConVocation was going better (after being picked up late at the airport and put in a smoking room initially at his hotel). I'm really looking forward to us both being home soon.



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