I turn to the geek expertise of you, my friends list: what is the best Twitter client for the iPhone 3G (preferrably simple and easy to use without a lot of extra features) and what is the best social networking app for doing simultaneous updates to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.? I need your wisdom!
So, having replaced my poor, dead iMac G5, I’m looking to do salvage, mainly of the 250 GB hard drive in the old machine (since I can always use more storage). So I turn to the readership of my blog: what are the best resources for do-it-yourself info on removing an internal HD and getting and setting-up an enclosure to use it as an external drive?
Our household has a lot of books: roughly ten floor-to-ceiling bookshelves worth, with even more stored in boxes, and that’s not even counting the comic books!

In addition to a New Year’s purging of unneeded volumes, one thing we’ve been looking to do for quite some time is to catalog all of these books so we can track what we’ve got and, to a degree, where it is, since it can be difficult to recall if we have something (and if we still have it, or have given it away or sold it at some point).

So I turn to the collective wisdom of my readers: do you have any recommendations for library cataloging software? Mac OS X is a requirement (we’re a Mac household), with features like ease of use and portability (accessible from different machines on our network) high on the desireability list. Bonus points if it also works for any or all of: 1) comic book collections, 2) Board games and RPG boxed-sets, 3) DVDs, and 4) cabinets of herbal ingredients.

Any suggestions?
OMG screw the iPhone, I want one of these!


Nov. 15th, 2007 09:01 am
So, for the Mac-savvy on my friends-list, do you have Leopard? How is it? Is it worth considering for someone like me, who has a non-Intel machine (G5 PowerPC iMac, the generation right before the Intel Macs). Give me the scoop.



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