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Carried by flying monkeys to the Island of the Lost Toys, we encountered a storm sent to look for us by the Ogre. Although a gust of wind blew Jenna and Seth off the flying carpet, I was able to catch them and Robin pulled them back up with a rope ladder from his magic bag. We convinced the storm the kids he was looking for were elsewhere (he was not that bright).

On the island, we discovered the Dancing Princess was gone, taken by the clockwork soldiers of the Ogre. After convincing the toys we weren’t any friends of the ogre’s, we went looking to find the Princess, in hopes she and her toy subjects could help us find the key to free the Marquis (still in Robin’s bag, and none too happy about it). We found a clockwork soldier, but he turned out to be a friend. Seeing the Princess awakened something in him and, when Ephram drew him a new leg, it made him over into more of a tin soldier Robin called Timex.

In a scuffle with clockwork men on the Ogre’s island, I got hurt before Seth took the clockwork man’s head off with his magic sword. Then we found the Princess in the Ogre’s mountain fortress, and nearly got trapped by the Ogre himself! He turned into a ring of green fire to trap us, but Timex helped tip over the pedestal that held the Princess, since it was apparently immune to the Ogre’s flames. We were able to escape, but poor Timex was left behind. The Ogre’s factory-fortress where he turned innocent toys into clockwork men was destroyed, and the Princess is with us, but the Ogre isn’t going to let us go easily....



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