Christopher and I jokingly call Starbucks “my corporate masters,” since I’m pretty fond of my lattes and mochachinos. So it was with mixed feelings that I greeted the news of Starbucks proposing to demolish a local 19th century building in my home town to put in a new store. The building in question is an old Victorian house on DW Highway that, up until recently, was a family restaurant called “Maddens.”

The developer apparently proposes to replace the building with a replica of the old Reed’s Ferry Train Station (which has been gone for years now), which I think it a rather nice gesture towards “old towne New England” (unlike the big Walgreens going in up the street, say). Some town residents don’t agree, and there’s an effort underway to create a historical conservation district in the central area of Merrimack to prevent this kind of thing, or at least keep it under control. Such a new law would come too late to change plans for the Starbucks, however, so odds are my corporate masters will get their way, and I’ll get my lattes, eventually.



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