Many people in this world are lucky to have one mother who cares for them as a mother should. I’m one of the truly blessed who have two:

My mom, Lynn ([ profile] lngkenson, hi Mom!) is — not to overstate the matter — fantastic. She’s classy, has great taste, truly cares about people, and taught me how to cook, one of my more valuable skills. If she and my Dad weren’t such hard-working, caring, understanding people I could have turned out a lot worse for wear. The good Steve-stuff is to their credit; I take the responsibility for the bad Steve-stuff.

We had my parents and brother over for dinner tonight, a combination Mother’s Day and Christopher’s birthday thing. It’s fairly rare to have my folks over, just because things tend to revolve around their house. No surprise, when my mom offers to make you dinner, you say “yes, please.” We had a very nice time and, as usual, my parents gave Christopher a combination of exactly what he wanted and a few things he didn’t even know he wanted for his birthday.

My other mother is Rosalie, of course. She goes in for her surgery tomorrow, so Christopher and I will be spending the day at the hospital with his dad. Good wishes, happy thoughts, soulful prayers, and healing energies from across the spectrum are all welcome. She’s expected to be in the hospital for about a week before she’s back home for the remainder of the recovery period. I’ll try and provide updates when and how I can.

We had a nice dinner out with Christopher’s folks last night at the Hanover Street Chophouse in Manchester, an old-style steakhouse. Probably the most I’ve seen Rosalie eat in one sitting, which was good. Their French onion soup was fantastic, some of the best I’ve ever had. The steak was also perfectly cooked to order. The company, of course, was unmatched.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and my mama, thanks so much for all that you have done, and still do.



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